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Public Works Projects

There are many small details that must be taken care of on a weekly basis to stay compliant with public works projects.  With our systems we are able to cut down on the time it takes to stay compliant, saving our client's money. Prevailing wage laws are constantly changing so we change with them. Below are some of our services, but there are always services being added to help assist our clients.

Prevailing Wage Training

Training Specific to Your Company

Step-by Step-Guide to Compliance

Wage Determination Search

Compliance Documentation Samples

DIR Electronic Entry Tutorial

Third Party Entry Tutorials

California Apprenticeship Overview

DIR Contractor Registration Assistance

SAM.GOV Registration Assistance

New & Existing Projects

Review of Compliance Documentation

Wage Determination Assistance

DAS 140 and 142 Forms

Fringe Benefit Statements

Certified Payroll Reporting

Non - Performances

DIR Electronic Uploads

Third Party Electronic Entry

Apprentice Training Fund & Ratio Calculations

Employee Deduction Authorizations

Subcontractor Compliance Review

Project Audits

Review of Compliance Documentation

Wage Rate Checks

Restitution Calculation Reports

Certified Payroll Revisions

DIR Electronic Upload Revisions

Third Party Electronic Entry Revisions

Apprenticeship Training Underpayment Reports