How To Find the Correct California Prevailing Wage Rate Determination

Determine the bid date or contract date for the project.

Determine the county the project is located.

Find correct wage determination time period.

Find correct classification for work being performed.

How to Find the Bid Date and Location of a Prevailing Wage Project?

California State prevailing wage projects should be registered on the DIR website by the awarding body. Using the DIR project number you are able to search for the project. When found, their site gives a lot of useful information for contractors and subcontractors pertaining to the project.

How Often are Prevailing Wage Determinations Issued?

The California Department of Industrial Relations issue determinations twice a year on February 22nd and August 22nd. Prevailing wage determination that end in a "-1" will be wage determinations issued in February. Wage determinations that end in a "-2" are wage determinations issued in August. These determinations are effective 10 days after the issue date of the determination. This effective date and expiration date on the wage determination is used to find the correct prevailing wage determination. The bid date must fall within the effective date and expiration date on the wage determination.

What Prevailing Wage Classification Do I Use?

The California DIR website allows you to look at the scope of work for each classification to help determine where your work falls by using the drop down next to the classification and choosing "Scope". If there is ever a doubt, the awarding body of the project should be able to help determine the correct prevailing wage classification for work being performed.